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RF Board Test Solutions Using External Measurement Instruments

Maximize RF Circuit Board Test Speed with a Combination of the Acculogic Flying Probe & External Measurement Instruments


Testing RF boards is:

  • manual
  • time-consuming
  • slow
  • costly
  • open to errors
  • prone to damaging components 


An Acculogic Flying Probe tester with integrated external RF measurement capability can shrink RF test times by over 93%.

Integrating the Acculogic SCORPION FLS980Dxi Flying Probe tester with an external oscilloscope represents a giant leap forward in RF circuit board testing technologies. This combination leverages the precise robotic probing capabilities of the Acculogic Flying Probe and, with the advanced signal analysis features of an oscilloscope, offers an automated testing solution explicitly designed for RF circuit diagnostics and validation.

Key Advantages of Integrating an External Oscilloscope with the FLS980Dxi Flying Probe Tester


  1. Enhanced Precision and Accuracy: The Acculogic Flying Probe is known for its accurate, precise, and non-damaging probing. Combined with an external oscilloscope, which provides comprehensive signal analysis tools, high sampling rates, and extensive memory, the result is a system capable of identifying issues like signal integrity problems, component failures, and soldering defects with unmatched speed and precision.
  2. Advanced Signal Analysis: Oscilloscopes excel in analyzing complex RF signals, offering deep insights into signal integrity, noise levels, and potential interference challenges. These capabilities are crucial for ensuring the optimal functionality of RF PCBs, as they allow for the visualization and analysis of minute signal variances in real time, which is particularly important in RF applications where signal quality directly impacts the system's performance.
  3. Cost-effectiveness and Efficiency: This innovative testing solution increases the speed and accuracy of RF circuit board testing and contributes to cost savings by reducing the time and resources required for diagnostics and validation processes.

Application & Implications of this Test Technology


    • Rapid and Reliable Diagnostics: The integrated system can quickly identify and diagnose faults in RF circuit boards, thereby reducing downtime and accelerating the development cycle of electronic devices.
    • Quality Assurance: By ensuring high precision and accuracy in testing, this solution enhances the quality assurance processes for RF circuit boards, leading to more reliable and high-performing electronic products.
    • Innovative Research and Development: The detailed analysis provided by this system can also support innovative research and development activities by offering insights into signal behaviors, component interactions, and potential areas for optimization in RF circuit designs.

This technological integration signifies a considerable advancement in the testing and validation of RF circuit boards, offering a comprehensive solution that combines mechanical precision with advanced electrical signal analysis to meet the demanding requirements of modern RF applications.