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What if you came to work today and realized that the production output from the past week that was shipped to your customers had a high failure rate? Well, today is not that day, nor will tomorrow or any days that follow. That’s because your Acculogic functional/EOL tester gives you the confidence to ship defect-free products.


End-of-Line & Functional Tester - Starting Your Project

A well-crafted SoW (Statement of Work) can prevent ambiguities regarding timelines, budgets, success criteria, and deliverable requirements. Preparing a SoW for an End-of-Line Tester project can be complex and time-consuming. We will work closely with you to ensure your SoW is clear and complete.

Acculogic creates a smooth path for you to ship products on time by building technically advanced custom functional and end-of-line board and system-level test systems. So, take the doubt out of your product’s conformance and gain confidence in your product’s performance.



What Sets Acculogic Apart from the Competition?

With numerous functional and EOL test development services options, you can be pulled in different directions without knowing which is right for your project. Acculogic enhances value, optimizes performance, and meets your evolving needs by:
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Offering fast customer support so you have the comfort of knowing that any issues or problems will be quickly and effectively resolved.
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Delivering on-time so you can ship on-time.
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Communicating openly and responsively so you'll be updated and informed throughout your project.
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Assigning a dedicated project manager to your project so you have a central point of contact and ensure that everyone is aligned with the project goals and updates.

Sample EOL & Functional Test Projects

Having delivered hundreds of projects gives us a solid understanding of what is essential to our customers and what companies are looking for in an EOL/ functional tester.

Multi-Station End-of-Line Tester & Programming Solution, featuring:


blue circle icon Functional test
blue circle icon In-System Programming
blue circle icon 4 independent stations
blue circle icon Automated laser marking
blue circle icon Safety light curtain 

In-line In-Circuit Test & Programming Station, featuring:


blue circle icon Customized fixture for inline operation 


Smart Power Inverter EOL Test Station

High current, high voltage tests using load simulator, solar cell simulator, and battery simulator.

EOL with True Batch Processing, Dual Well Fixture

4 boards/ well for the simultaneous test of all 4 boards. Test a variety of parameters such as waveform interpretation, duty cycle frequency, peak to peak voltage. All tests were performed according to FDA guidelines.

End-of Line & Functional Tester Development

Technology & Components


white circle iconPXI(e) and box instruments, power supplies
white circle iconNI LabVIEW, TestStand, C#, Python, Acculogic Integrator, embedded software
white circle iconCloud Data Connectivity
white circle iconSmart, swappable fixtures, chambers, nests, and handlers
white circle iconMass interconnects and harnesses
white circle iconActuators and sensors
white circle iconVision inspection and machine vision systems
white circle iconRobotics, pneumatics, hydraulics, and conveyor

At Acculogic, we leverage the power of National Instruments LabVIEW and NI TestStand to develop custom functional test systems that meet the requirements of our clients.

LabVIEW, a graphical programming language, is the foundation of our functional test system development process. Its extensive libraries and modules allow us to seamlessly interface with a wide range of instruments, devices, and communication protocols. This flexibility enables us to develop tailored test solutions for various industries and applications. LabVIEW's graphical interface makes it easy for our engineers to develop test applications efficiently, reducing development time and costs. With LabVIEW, we can quickly create intuitive and flexible test sequences, define precise test limits, and generate detailed reports. Moreover, LabVIEW's scalability allows us to adapt the test system to changing requirements and easily incorporate additional functionality.

NI TestStand complements LabVIEW by providing a robust framework for test sequencing and execution. It is a centralized platform for organizing and managing test sequences, ensuring efficient test execution and result analysis. TestStand's reporting capabilities enable accurate documentation and easy access to test results, facilitating effective data-driven decision-making. By harnessing the capabilities of LabVIEW and TestStand, we can deliver customized functional test systems that effectively verify your products' functionality.


Our 9-Step EOL & Functional Test System Development Process

Using a proven 9-step process, we accelerate the conversation of your test requirements to a test solution.
End of line tester - Statement of Work Review

1. Review of the Unit Under Test (UUT) and the Statement of Work (SOW)

The initial step in a project is for us to understand the characteristics of the UUT and your requirements and expectations for the project.
End of Line testing - Instrument-Selection

2. Instrument Selection

Choosing the right tools for the job can be tricky, especially when it comes to navigating and evaluating the many trade-offs but with the right tools, you can get the right result in a fraction of the time.
End of Line tester - Power Infrastructure

3. Power Infrastructure

Test systems have heterogeneous internal components, some of which require large amounts of current and power. Moreover, these systems are often deployed globally in facilities with varying power sources and quality. So, a power layout is the right way to ensure proper power distribution to all components within a tester.
End of Line tester - Switching Multiplexing

4. Switching & Multiplexing

This allows for more efficient test connections and enables parallel testing, which can significantly increase the test throughput and decrease the test time and cost.
End of Line and Functional Test System -software design

5. Software Design

The test software is the backbone of a functional tester. It controls the operation of the tester, including the acquisition of test data, the execution of test sequences, the operator interface, and the analysis of test results. Well-designed software is critical for ensuring the efficiency and reliability of the test process.
End of Line and Functional Tester - Layout, Thermal Profiling

6. Rack Layout & Thermal Profiling

By validating the effectiveness of the rack layout and cooling systems, a tester can operate at optimal conditions. The arrangement of components in a tester cabinet greatly impacts the reliability and uptime of the tester. Identifying hot spots and potential problem areas prevents overheating and equipment failure.
End of Line and Functional Tester - Interconnection and fixturing

7. Interconnection & Fixturing

When done right, fixturing can help speed up the testing process and improve the quality of the test results.
End of Line and Functional Tester - Application Development

8. Test Application Debug & Development

Optimized test programs are developed and checked to ensure the test sequence is reliable and repeatable and achieves the highest test coverage.
Delivery & Acceptance of EOL/Functional Tester for Electronics

9. Delivery

Our process doesn’t just end with the completion of the test system. We’ll make sure that the system is ready for production and use.




Regardless of its complexity or size, test all electronic assemblies.

Achieve your test requirements with multiple measurement characteristics such as:

  • Voltage & Current
  • Analog & Digital Signals
  • LED Test & Characterization
  • RF Signal Integrity

Quick and efficient test to support your production volume.

Using a proven 9-step process, we’ll deliver your system in the shortest possible time without any compromises.

Reduce labor costs, minimize handling, and boost production capacity. Also, test data can be saved to the cloud and/or automatically entered into your existing databases.

We engineer systems with durability and longevity that are easy to troubleshoot & maintain so you can keep testing.

  • Easy to service
  • Minimize any downtime
  • Fast access to support
  • Remote access support

  • Scalable architecture
  • Modular software
  • Easy hardware changes
  • Design for maintainability

Reliable testers that are simple to operate and adaptable to your needs.

Find a Better Test Strategy

When you work with Acculogic, you choose a trusted path to ship defect-free products on time with a test strategy that balances your tester and fixture costs, test objectivess, cycle time requirements, and tester development schedule.

By Choosing Acculogic