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STINGRAY EVO500 Battery Tester

Quick, Reliable, and Cost-Effective Battery Module Interconnect Testing

Engineered for Performance

blue circle Single or double-sided probing with up to 22 probe modules provides optimal access, allowing simultaneous testing of both sides and saving you time
blue circle Configurable platform can handle unique applications, eliminating the need to invest in multiple tools
blue circle A first-to-market solution and a large international install base instill confidence in the system
blue circle Scalable systems allow you to buy what you need today and add to it in the future, making it affordable
blue circle Test up to 3,000 interconnects/mins*

Highlights of the STINGRAY Battery Tester

blue circle Double Sided Test
blue circle Fast Test Speed
blue circle Prototype & Production Use
blue circle Configurable


3 of the Top 10 Battery Manufacturers for Configurability, Ease of Use, and Speed.

Every battery array that moves along the production line must be verified for the integrity of its interconnects. World-class manufacturers keep their production lines moving smoothly by investing in quality verification systems that quickly and reliably test the manufacturing quality of battery cell interconnects. By choosing the patented STINGRAY test platform, manufacturers gain a commanding advantage. The STINGRAY has repeatedly proven its value and technology with over ten years of production use and hundreds of thousands of battery arrays tested.

Poor quality cell interconnects can lead to several problems, such as increased resistance, leading to increased heat generation, voltage drop, and reduced overall performance. Also poor interconnects can also lead to safety hazards such as arcing, which can cause fires or explosions.

Battery cell interconnect issues must be caught during battery production. Otherwise, field failures can be costly and harmful to a company’s reputation. For battery manufacturers, it is critical to have a production test solution that can quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively test battery module interconnects.

A Superior Solution for Battery Test

The STINGRAY EVO500 will be a game-changer for your battery production test.

Having 1 STINGRAY is like having dozens of hardworking, unerring, untiring test technicians committed to thoroughly testing all your battery modules for on-time shipment.

Best In Class Value of Ownership

Patented, Industry-Leading Technology

blue circle Proven, Precise Technology
blue circle Accommodate Multiple Heights Multiple Forces
blue circle Programmable Speed for Maximum Throughput


Measurement Methodology Ensures Accuracy, Reliability & Repeatability

blue circle The STINGRAY uses 4-wire resistance measurement method to measure interconnect quality


Independent Robotic Positioning System delivers maximum

blue circle Accuracy
blue circle Flexibility
blue circle Coverage Area
blue circle Double-sided probing - Up to 11 top-side & 11 bottom-side probe modules


Maximizes battery testing throughput by:

blue circle Optimizing test sequence
blue circle Testing multiple cell patterns
blue circle Simultaneously testing single or multiple cells

Benefits of the Stingray Automated Battery Test Solution

white circle iconIncreases production output by improving efficiency, reducing errors, and minimizing downtime with in-line handling - automates the movement of products by connecting and coordinating the tester to work together with conveyors, robotic arms, and other handling systems.
white circle iconIntegrates with MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) for enhanced data acquisition & reporting for improved inventory management, quality control, and performance tracking. Automatically segment data based on various criteria, such as time, location, or product type.
white circle iconTests up to 3,000 interconnects/min. (Actual number depends on the battery pack design).
white circle iconNon-destructive testing - The integrity and performance of the electrical connections between battery cells are tested without any damage to the interconnects.
white circle iconLargest test area without repositioning or incrementation - Repositioning refers to physically moving the UUT to a different location on the test bed. In contrast, incrementation refers to making small adjustments to the UUT's position to test other parts of it.
white circle iconHigh-Resolution Camera System and the machine vision algorithm quickly detect and identify fiducials, which are used to establish a common coordinate system for measuring, alignment, and registration.

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