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Acculogic Solutions

Our solutions ensure the quality and reliability of electronics for
various applications. Below are some of the industries we serve.


There is enormous demand for microchips in the automotive sector due to innovative developments in self-driving cars, assistance systems, and entertainment technology. Acculogic solutions are used to test a variety of devices used in the automotive industry.

Aerospace & Defense

Semiconductor devices are essential to our security, from satellite deployment for defense, aircraft guidance, and control, to the internet and electric grid. We provide solutions to meet these devices' unique and challenging test requirements.


Requirements for efficiency in industrial systems and consumer electronics are driving the advancement of power semiconductor devices. Acculogic’s solutions are used in a wide range of applications related to industrial manufacturing.


Acculogic offers unparalleled solutions to meet the needs of electronics manufacturing services (EMS). Reliable testing solutions are critical to delivering fully tested products that are ready to be integrated into the next phase of the product supply chain.

RF & Communications

With the 5G rollout in process and leading companies already developing 6G, our test solutions allow for the accurate measuring of frequency ranges, especially the mm-wave and terahertz, to ensure devices work as expected.


Healthcare is increasingly reliant on innovative technologies. Acculogic’s solutions for production line testing are fully customizable and suitable for testing medical device electronics to enhance safety and meet global compliance requirements.

Renewable Energy

Global requirements for energy efficiency are driving the advancement of power semiconductor devices, including electric vehicles and consumer electronics. Acculogic provides tools that are used in various applications for the renewable energy industry.


Test the performance and reliability of your semiconductor load boards easily and efficiently. Load boards are a critical part of the IC production quality control and can be challenging to test because of their complex designs and range of connections.