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SCORPION Briz Automated Test & Programming Station

A low-cost, compact test station designed to help you ship high-quality products on time.

blue circle Perform a combination of tests
blue circle Short development time
blue circle Affordable
blue circle Small form factor
blue circle High fault coverage
blue circle No need for vacuum or compressed air

Imagine you're responsible for production test and must ensure product quality. You know that any bottlenecks during the test process can delay product shipments, so you can't afford to take any chances regarding product verification.

That's where the Scorpion Briz comes in. The Briz is a powerful tool that delivers uncompromising test capabilities to your production floor. Benefit from reduced equipment floor space, low acquisition and operational costs and faster throughput.

Expansive Capabilities. Tiny Footprint.

The standard Briz system is an in-circuit tester. However, the tester can be configured for functional, boundary scan , IoT & RF tests with in-system programming capabilities.

limitations of existing tests
Mechanical Test Fixture

Quick Changeover, Mechanical Test Fixture

blue circle No need for a vacuum
blue circle No need for compressed air
blue circle Easily interchangeable test fixture insert


The Scorpion Briz offers hardware and software solutions to meet a wide range of testing needs. From PXI-based modular instrumentation to stand-alone instrumentation, the Briz system provides a comprehensive testing solution.

Briz Automated Tester Hardware Options

Briz Automated Tester Software Options


blue circle
PXI-based Modular Instrumentation
blue circle
GPIB, USB, Ethernet Stand-alone Instrumentation
blue circle
Up to 1,088 non-multiplexed tester channels
blue circle
ScanMaster Boundary Scan Controller with TCK up to 25 Mbits/sec.
blue circle
ScanMultiplier4 - Support up to 32 Test Access Ports (TAP)
blue circle
ChipScan - Vectorless test of ICs & BGAs
blue circle
Algocraft In-System Programmer with >9000 devices supported


blue circle
Acculogic Integrator
blue circle
NI LabWindows/ CVI, LabVIEW
blue circle
Microsoft .Net, C/C++, VB

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